Welcome to Illuminated Editorial Services

Clear writing for complex thinkers.

You're confident in your research, but sometimes you wonder if your writing is holding you back or selling your work short.

You’re an innovative thinker, and it often feels impossible to capture your big ideas and all the important details into readable prose.

You finally finished a draft, but reading it over you wish your sentences could be tighter, your structure more elegant, your arguments more compelling.

You’re well aware of the professional importance of high-impact publications, but your to-do list is already a mile long and you don’t have the accountability, guidance or support you need to finally get the thing written.

Sound familiar?

Tailored Expertise

After a decade plus in Higher Ed, I have a strong understanding of the academic landscape. I use this knowledge and experience to help you hone your unique writing style. Whether you opt for Line Edits or my Developmental Editing Services (or both!), I'll work closely with you to refine your voice, ensuring your ideas shine brightly while aligning with the expectations of your target publisher and readership.

An Eye for Argument

Many academic writers struggle to capture all their complex ideas in a single thesis. I’m here to help you transform your fragmented thoughts into an argument that not only hangs together, but actually persuades your readers. My Developmental Editing services are ideal for authors seeking to refine their argument. I offer strategic, actionable guidance to help you weave a seamless thread that engages readers from the opening paragraph to the final sentence.

Editing for Multilingual Authors

Are you a multilingual author trying to navigate the world of English publishing alongside your academic career? I specialize in working with writers like you, and understand the particular challenges you face. My mission is to ensure that your work shines with the polish and idiomatic fluency that publishers expect, while also preserving your unique authorial voice and communicating the nuances of your argument.

Conscious Language, Inclusive Practices

Our words are powerful. They shape narratives, influence perspectives and build our worldviews. My editorial work is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to ensure that this power is harnessed for good. I believe in the transformative potential of conscious language and inclusive practices, both in my own work and in empowering my clients to do the same. To get started on this journey, I highly recommend exploring the Conscious Style Guide.

As a chronically ill, queer immigrant, it is my personal mission to contribute to the elevation of marginalized writers. In pursuit of this goal, I offer special discounts for graduate students and other individuals with limited financial resources. Your financial situation should never hinder your access to quality editing services.

Drawing upon my lived experiences and academic background in Gender Studies, I am well-positioned to provide sensitivity reads on matters pertaining to gender and sexuality; please inquire.